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About us
Artful Lodgings of Seattle brings an unusual combination of design experience and a creative approach to Staging® your home.  Ede Bookstein, Designer and Founder of Artful Lodgings, has been a theatrical designer for more than twenty years.  The challenges of designing in hundreds of different spaces - often with a less than optimal budget - have given her a unique perspective on the use of space and the highlighting of the strongest - and most marketable - features of a property.  Our Stager, Ede Bookstein, ASPM, is one of only 15 Accredited Staging Professional Masters in the state of Washington.  We are looking forward to working with you to put your Seattle Area property "Center Stage".

How We Work
Our goal for your property is to create the potential for buyers to imagine themselves living there. We help buyers mentally "move in" and picture their belongings in the space.  Staging is not Decorating.  Rather than working in a particular style and individualizing the house, we use the property's own distinctive style as the basis for choosing furniture and accessories, thus reaching out to a much broader range of prospective buyers.  We consider the demographics of the neighborhood and of potential buyers.  We also prioritize those areas of the property in which Staging will be most cost effective.

Staging Vacant Properties
When you are selling your home, you want people to be able to picture themselves living there.  Therefore, Staging a vacant home is essential to help potential buyers see that picture.  With our resources for furniture and accessories, we have the tools to make Staging your home the most effective marketing tool you can have.

Staging an Occupied Home
If you are still living in your home, while it is on the market, Staging is of the utmost importance.  By removing family photographs, collectibles and other personal items, we will be able to highlight the space itself without distraction.  Our creative arrangement of furniture and accessories will help to accentuate the strengths of the property.  We will use as many of your belongings as possible, while bringing in key pieces to add color and warmth.